Cylindric panoramas | Cubic (spheric) panoramas
Virtual interactive 360o panoramas is an effective way to show places, hotels, restaurants, museums etc. No other media can give you an impression of actually beeing at the place , looking around and orient your selv in the environment .

With new fast broadband connections the use of panoramas is an expanding area on the internet.

Virtual Reality (VR) panoramas was developed by Apple who started developing QuickTime in 1991. QuickTime is still the leading technology to show panoramas and with the last version QuickTime 5 it is also possible to show Cubic panoramas where you can pan not only 360o horisontally but you can also look straight up or down.
QuickTime is available for free for both Windows and Mac computers. More than 40% of all internet browsers have the plugin installed. You can check to the right if you have it. If you have the necessary software to see QuickTime panoramas you can see a mini panorama from my studio.

Click on the logo for more information from Apple and to install QuickTime.

If you can´t see the minipanorama
of my studio click on logo for info
and download.

Panoramas can also be displayed by the help of an JAVA applet.

The advantage is that you only need to have Java activated in your browser to see the panorama. The panorama is displayed by the applet down loaded simultaneously by the panorama. The applet is only 10 to 40 kb.

The quality is however not as good as QTVR and there is a limitation in how large the panorama can be shown. It will depend on the platform and the browser. Java applets are very memory craving and you have to limit the size of the panorama. You can see all panoramas on my page both as QTVR and JAVA panoramas.